Stapleton Insurance Group has been insuring public entities for over 75 years and while many public officials have immunity from the consequences of performing their discretionary functions, public officials can still be held liable for negligence in implementing policy and executing their duties. The personal assets of elected or appointed officials, as well as the assets of the public entity are vulnerable to civil liability.

To meet the needs of our public entity clients Stapleton has assembled several ‘A’ rated carriers that can tailor the right coverages to fit your community’s needs.

Available Coverages:

  • Broad Definition of an Insured
  • Lawfully Elected or Appointed Officials
  • Employees
  • Commissions, Boards and their Members and Employees
  • Volunteers Acting on Behalf of the Public Entity
  • Prior Acts Coverage
  • Limits up to $20 Million
  • Defense Costs in Addition to Limits of Liability
  • Punitive Damage Coverage

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