Superior Customer Relations

Stapleton Insurance Group’s strength is in our people and their ability to provide exceptional service by anticipating what our clients need. It doesn’t end with just writing the policy. Continuing service and striving to find better products is only the beginning of our continued success and your peace of mind.

Quality & Integrity

We do the job right the first time, but that doesn’t mean the job is done. There is always a better way and we strive to find it. That is our commitment. We have the best people in the industry working for you and we demand the highest level of integrity from them.

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Commercial Insurance Equation

When looking for a strategic partner, you are looking for a firm that is knowledgeable in your industry, will listen to your needs, and has access the best insurance products in the industry. Partners that can help you reduce the cost of risk and drive down your insurance costs over the long-term. While other firms focus on the ‘shopping or marketing’ of your insurance coverages we believe that your greatest opportunities to reduce and stabilize your insurance premiums are to limit or control your exposures and to drive down claims costs with aggressive claims management.

If your businesses premiums are direct result of your claims, exposures, and shopping/marketing of your insurance coverages, imagine what your premium would be if you were able to reduce your claims and exposures by single digit each.

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Long Term Focus for Growth and Success

For over 90 years and three generations, Stapleton Insurance Group is poised for the future. With clarity and purpose, we are focused on driving long-term growth and success. While other firms use their acquisition/partner strategy to generate short term gains, we utilize our private, long-term ownership vision and extensive management expertise to create definable value for our clients, associates and our partners.

Our acquisition/partner strategy is designed for sustainability and stability. We believe that your firm’s culture is important and to achieve the highest return on our investment we are looking for firms that offer a unique distinctive value proposition that can be expanded and developed. Depending on the unique needs of a firm, we can help a firm by providing management support, backroom support, IT systems and/or processes and the ability to run independently and autonomously. Whether your firm has $300,000 or $15 Million in revenue our strategy is designed to provide the necessary tools and resources to support your firm’s needs while respecting its heritage, its employees and its clients.