1. Clean the Gutters: Removing debris from the gutters can help prevent ice dams from forming.

2. Check the Fireplace: Before using the fireplace in the winter, it is recommended to have the chimney swept to thoroughly clean soot and other debris build up.

3. Protect against Frozen Pipes: Insulate unprotected pipes, weather strip and caulk around crawlspace doors and basement windows, and keep the thermostat set above 55 degrees if you’ll be away for several days during subfreezing weather.

4. Maintain Furnace: Have your furnace inspected annually to keep it running efficiently and prevent loss of heat during the cold winter months.

5. Test Detectors: Residential fires are more common in winter months. Test smoke detectors and replace batteries as needed. Consider installing a CO2 detector to avoid the danger of a carbon monoxide leak. 

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