5 Tips When Taking your Car out of Storage

With warmer weather approaching, stored vehicles will soon be making an appearance on the roads. Here are 5 tips to consider when taking your vehicle out of winter storage:

  1. Check the tires – tires can be adversely affected by cold weather. Check the inside of the driver’s-side doorjamb for the prescribed PSI and fill the tires accordingly. You may also want to check for any cracks or bulges in the rubber.
  2. Check for leaks under the car – Be sure to look in the engine bay and under the vehicle for potential leaks.
  3. Test the engine oil – Check the dipstick and see if any oil needs to be added. Or, if the oil is old, it should be changed as soon as possible. A fresh change of oil will help keep the engine running smooth.
  4. Test other fluids – Other fluid levels, such as coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid and fuel should be checked prior to taking the vehicle out on the road. It will help keep the vehicle from running rough.
  5. Check the battery – It is a good idea to put your battery on a maintainer to keep it fully charged during the winter months. If the battery isn’t fully charged, re-up its charge before you take the vehicle out for the first drive. Check to ensure the cables and terminals don’t have any corrosion.

Most important, contact Stapleton at 419-720-6446 to discuss adding liability coverage back on to the vehicle before taking it out for a drive!

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