As the holiday season is upon us, Stapleton would like ensure you are properly protected as you celebrate. Here are some tips to consider for your insurance needs to help keep you safe and covered:

1. When buying items such as jewelry, cameras, guns, etc. during the holiday shopping season, please remember to contact Stapleton to review the need to add these items to your Inland Marine or Homeowner policy. Don’t assume the full value of the item is covered by your policy.

2. Identity theft risk can increase during the holiday season when people are more frequently shopping online. Scammers are always phishing and trying to spam your email with fake online deals. Contact Stapleton to discuss adding Identity Theft coverage to your Homeowner policy. Most carriers offer this option for a minimal annual premium.

3. Consider adding an Umbrella policy. Typically, the number of guests and visitors to a household increases in November and December with holiday parties. Protect yourself against potential legal liability if someone is injured on your property.


We thank you for choosing Stapleton for your insurance needs and want to help offer peace of mind during the holidays! Call us at 419-720-6446!

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