No-Fault Insurance

It wasn’t my fault. They did it. They must have been distracted. I have a perfect driving record. I would never be a reckless driver…

Crash. Bang. Boom…

You looked down for a split second. You thought you could make the light. You thought they were letting you into their lane. You didn’t see that they were stopped or that the light was red.

The next thing you know you are involved in an accident. And what’s worse? You’re in a no-fault insurance state. You’re panicking, you think that you are doomed, and wondering who is going to pay for the damages?

First of all, you are not doomed. A no-fault insurance accident is better than a no-insurance-at-all accident. Now, if you live in a no-fault insurance state, it is your responsibility to make sure you have more than basic no-fault insurance because if you have an auto accident, no-fault insurance pays for your medical expenses, wage loss, benefits, replacement services, and the damage you do to other people’s property. It does not matter who caused the accident. Your basic no-fault insurance does NOT pay for repairs to your car.

Second of all, things happen. Life happens. But worrying about who is going to pay for what in the event of an accident shouldn’t be one of them.

Hmmm okay, that was great information and all but what was the need for this? Education, mainly. There has been a recent change in the Michigan No-Fault Insurance Laws, to learn more check out this Michigan Auto Law article.

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