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Let’s Party! – Not So Fast!!

Believe it or not holiday parties are right around the corner and that means a potential for an increase in liability should you choose to allow alcoholic beverages at your festivities!

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Cold+Frost+Freezing Temps = Frozen Pipes

Did we even have a Spring, Summer or Fall this year here in the Midwest?! It seems like we went from Winter to Mild-Rainy-Winter to oh, Hey! here is some heat for two months, then BAM here is the Mild-Rainy-Winter back again!!!

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CO-The Silent Killer

As the days continue to get colder here in the Midwest the need to kick on your furnace arises. However; that need for warmth comes an increased chance of carbon monoxide being released throughout the house, which could have a detrimental effect on you and your loved ones if it is not detected right away.

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Winter Is Coming, Is Your Vehicle Ready?

Ohhhh the weather outside will soon get frightful… so let’s make sure your vehicle stays delightful… or else it will not go… let’s prepare, let’s prepare, let’s prepare!!

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Need A Rental?

Well it happened, you were in an automobile accident and now your vehicle is either totaled or in the body shop for repairs. Great. Now what?!

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A Stone To The Windshield, A Deer, A Tree, A Pole, Another Car! Yikes!

Who hasn’t experienced having windshield chip or crack due to a stone being thrown, a deer that you didn’t see coming, a patch of ice or slick roads that resulted in your car meeting a tree or utility pole, not to mention the possibility of you or another driver not paying attention on the road and resulting in an accident?

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Water… Water Everywhere!

Ahoy, Matey! Is all this water in your yard and basement from the abnormally large amounts of rain we have been having this year or is there a bigger problem? Maybe it’s a water back-up issue?

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