Month: June 2020

Stapleton Insurance Recognizes Anne Grady Residents and Staff with Breakfast and Supply Donations

Byrne Stapleton, CEO of the Stapleton Insurance Group and board member of Anne Grady Services continues his community mission of giving back on Friday June 12, 2020 at 9:00am with a donation of arts, crafts, board and card games, and outdoor activities for the clients of Anne Grady as well as a contribution of donuts and pasties for the faculty and staff members that have worked diligently through the Covid virus.   

Byrne Stapleton states “many organizations have been overlooked during this Pandemic.  Anne Grady residents went weeks without seeing their family members and many of the supplies used to help entertain the residents were depleted.   The staff went above and beyond to make sure all clients were well taken care of and their activities did not suffer.”  

Anne Grady is a private not-for-profit charitable organization that opened in March, 1982. Their mission is to enable individuals to experience lives of dignity and respect, by offering the highest quality care possible to individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Stapleton continues “as the pandemic continues; we need to make sure that we look out for those in need of support.”


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