The pandemic has put employee health and wellness in the spotlight. Given the pandemic’s immediate and lasting impacts on employee health, many employers are expanding their wellness offerings in 2022.

Here are three employee wellness trends to look out for this year:  

1. Expanded Mental Health Resources 

Many workers continue to battle stress and anxiety in their personal and work lives. Mental health benefits are one way to support employees—and they matter to workers. According to a Calm for Business workplace mental health survey: 

Employers are investing in employees’ mental health with: 

  • Mental health-related healthcare offerings
  • Expanded telebehavioral health
  • Robust employee assistanceprograms
  • Increased use of mental health apps

2. Increased Focus on Hybrid Work-Life Balance 

As the boundaries between work and home are blurred, remote and hybrid employees may experience burnout.  

To aid in employees’ work-life balance, employers can offer comprehensive wellness offerings, including: 

  • Robust mental health resources and support
  • Increased schedule flexibility
  • Time off for mental health or recharging 

3. Expanded Financial Wellness Resources  

Finances are ranked as the top source of stress by 73% of Americans, according to a CreditWise survey. 

Some common employee financial goals are as follows: 

  •  Building an emergency savings 

  •  Choosing the proper health insurance and benefits 

  •  Preparing for significant life events 

  •  Saving for retirement 

Employers can help support employees’ goals and reduce fiscal stress by exploring financial wellness resources and support options, including: 

  •  Tuition reimbursement

  •  Financial planning meetings

  •  Seminars and workshops